LinHES R7.4 "rdt"

Ninth Anniversary
Added by cecil almost 12 years ago

It was 9 years ago today that KnoppMyth R1 was first released. It was also 9 years ago when I first met R. Dale Thomas (rdt). At first, Dale host the ISO for KnoppMyth. Shortly there after, he started helping me with development. Living a relative short distance from one another, Dale and I became friends. Unfortunately, the good ones depart us all too soon. I miss my friend and so it is in his honor I release LinHES R7.4 to mark the ninth anniversary of KnoppMyth/LinHES.

The changelog is sparse. This release is primarily to mark the anniversary and to remember our friend. ripD was originally written by me but he spruced it up a great deal. It originally only mirrored a DVD. Since MythTV no longer has menu entries for backup your DVD, I've added the functionality to LinHES. Also included is MythTV 0.25.2. If you are running LinHES R7.3, a simple
pacman -Syu will do. If you are running an earlier version, see this post on upgrading.