LinHES R8.2 Released

Added by brfransen 3 months ago

The LinHES Dev team is pleased to announce the release of LinHES R8.2!

LinHES R8.2 brings updates to the kernel, system libraries, Service Menu options, MythTV 0.27.4, LinHES theme and many other parts of LinHES.

With R8.2 there are no other changes that users need to do for the Schedule Direct URL change. Users of Schedules Direct and LinHES R8.1 or earlier should update to LinHES R8.2 or will need to perform the /etc/host file solution.

Release notes and upgrade instructions can be found here.

Download LinHES R8.2 now! was offline

Added by jams 11 months ago

Linhes was offline due to a firewall change. The change was bit aggressive and ended up blocking all traffic to the website. If your reading this, then the problem has been resolved.

Do not update from testing

Added by jams 12 months ago

The testing repo is currently unstable and will require specific steps to update from it. At this time please do not update any testing systems. Doing so may cause your system to become unusable.

LinHES R8.1 released

Added by jams about 1 year ago

The LinHES Dev team is pleased to announce the release of LinHES R8.1. This builds upon R8.0 and is the first LinHES release using MythTV .27.

Release notes and upgrade instructions can be found here:

Download LinHES R8.1 now!

LinHES R8 Released

Added by brfransen about 1 year ago

The LinHES Dev team is pleased to announce the release of LinHES R8! You'll find many exciting changes and updates in this release including a new OSD messaging system and overall better system integration of standalone systems and remote frontends. For more details check out the Release Notes as well as the the guide for Upgrading LinHES R7.x to R8.

Special thanks to jams for all his hard work and making LinHES R8 great!

Download LinHES R8 now!

LinHES R8 status (1 comment)

Added by jams over 2 years ago

Work on R8 (64 bits) is slightly behind schedule, but it is progressing at a steady pace.
Last week the base of the system was checked into the repository, and the R7 series was branched off to avoid conflicts.
There are some new things, plenty of bug fixes but still the same system you know and love.

Just a heads up, this version is intended to be installed on a new system as it requires a new partition scheme.
The database and files from a R7 system can be imported without issue, but it will require a little bit of help.

LinHES R7.4 "rdt"

Added by cecil over 2 years ago

It was 9 years ago today that KnoppMyth R1 was first released. It was also 9 years ago when I first met R. Dale Thomas (rdt). At first, Dale host the ISO for KnoppMyth. Shortly there after, he started helping me with development. Living a relative short distance from one another, Dale and I became friends. Unfortunately, the good ones depart us all too soon. I miss my friend and so it is in his honor I release LinHES R7.4 to mark the ninth anniversary of KnoppMyth/LinHES.

The changelog is sparse. This release is primarily to mark the anniversary and to remember our friend. ripD was originally written by me but he spruced it up a great deal. It originally only mirrored a DVD. Since MythTV no longer has menu entries for backup your DVD, I've added the functionality to LinHES. Also included is MythTV 0.25.2. If you are running LinHES R7.3, a simple
pacman -Syu will do. If you are running an earlier version, see this post on upgrading.

LinHES R7.3

Added by cecil over 2 years ago

The LinHES team and I are happy to announce the release of R7.3 (Crave). The changelog is up. To upgrade see this forum post.

URL and domain name shuffle

Added by jams almost 3 years ago

During the recovery from the recent hardware failure, some services were moved to new locations.
The change made the rebuild easier and will make future administration easier

Below is a list of services and their URLS.

The domains and will be redirected to

We apologize for the inconvenienceā„¢

Outage and a new home

Added by cecil almost 3 years ago

Well, you are most likely aware we were offline for a little while. We experienced hardware failure... But thanks to jams, we are back up and running! Also, much thanks to liv2cod for allow us have a server in his data center! At the moment, is located there. is still up and running at OSUOSL. We plan to transition everything to Paxio and use a VM at OSUOSL to mirror the package repos.

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