• Installation and setup are relatively trivial
  • User support forums
  • Packages for MythTV with VDPAU support.
  • Major features aside from MythTV are preconfigured:
    • File sharing (SAMBA/NFS)
    • Remote administration
    • Screen Savers
  • Comprehensive backup and restore process.
  • Upgrades can be done incrementally via package updates or a complete rebuild from an ISO.
  • Live Frontend allows users to run a frontend on any machine live from the CD
  • Partial automation of Australian EPG setup
  • Native support for both MythTV and mplayer
  • Native support for many popular SDTV/HDTV capture hardware including:
    • Hauppauge HDPVR
    • Hauppauge analog mpeg encoders like pvr-150 and pvr-500
    • Silicon Dust HDHomerun
  • Support for a large number of remotes and receivers/transmitters
    IR device Supported Transmiters Receiver Interface
    CommandIR 4 yes usb
    IguanaIR-usb 2 yes usb
    Serial 1 yes serial port
    Streamzap 0 yes usb
    mce 2 (support varies) yes usb
    ati 0 yes, multiple channels usb
  • Select software
    MythTV Extras Window Manager System Monitoring Game Emulator/Games WebBrowser Bit torrent client IRC client File Sharing Dynamic DNS Remote Administration
    Window Maker xymon Frozen-bubble Google Chrome transmission X-chat NFS ddclient webmin
    MythExpress Enlightenment .16 sysstat Dolphin (Wii) samba inadyn vnc
    Web-on-linhes Fluxbox hddtemp Xe (multi system) ssh
    Myth Export nut (UPS) mame (Arcade system)
    Snes9x (snes)
  • Native XBMC support