The predecessor to LinHES is KnoppMyth. As its name implies, the initial releases of KnoppMyth were based on Knoppix, but the latest incarnations are not, although the brand-name "KnoppMyth" has been retained. From the KnoppMyth Wiki :

"Knoppix itself is an adaptation of the Debian Linux distribution, Knoppmyth therefore is another project that has spiralled off into its own domain. These days it would be more correct to call KnoppMyth a specialized and heavily customized Debian derivative, as there is very little Knoppix left."

The first release of KnoppMyth was on 08-Aug-2003 (R1) and was based on MythTV 0.10. The last stable incarnation of KnoppMyth is R5.5 which was released on 06-Jul-2008 and is based on MythTV 0.21-fixes. The first release of LinHES (R6) was released on the 26-Sept-2009 with version R6.01.00.

Both LinHES and KnoppMyth can be installed and function on almost any "modern" computer. See the Required Hardware page for more info.

Development on KnoppMyth has halted and all efforts are focusing on LinHES.

Version History


See the LinHES Announcement Forum for more LinHES version history.

Release Date Version Name Description
18-March-2019 R8.6 Feeding the Kids MythTV 30-fixes (30.0) (Changelog)
08-Dec-2017 R8.5 Gareth MythTV 29-fixes (29) (Changelog)
05-May-2016 R8.4 Breaking Ground MythTV 0.28-fixes (0.28) (Changelog)
19-Feb-2015 R8.3 Lorne Malvo MythTV 0.27-fixes (0.27.4) (Changelog)
27-Oct-2014 R8.2 Paid the iron price MythTV 0.27-fixes (0.27.4) (Changelog)
19-Dec-2013 R8.1 It isn't only a girls name MythTV 0.27-fixes (Changelog)
11-Nov-2013 R8.0 Trip the bits MythTV 0.25-fixes, 64-bit (Changlog)
09-Aug-2012 R7.4 rdt Ninth Anniversary MythTV 0.25-fixes (Changlog)
20-July-2012 R7.3 Crave MythTV 0.25-fixes (Changelog)
26-Jan-2012 R7.2 SCALE 10X MythTV 0.24-fixes (Changelog)
11-Nov-2011 R7.1 Teamwork MythTV 0.24-fixes (Changelog)
06-Feb-2011 R6.04.00 Laundrymat MythTV 0.24-fixes
06-Jun-2010 R6.03.00 M MythTV 0.23-fixes (Changelog)
02-Mar-2010 R6.02.00 That weekend in Canada! MythTV 0.22-fixes (Changelog)
26-Sept-2009 R6.01.00 Chugu First Public Release - MythTV 0.21-fixes
14-Aug-2009 R6.00.09 Anniversary Edition Pre-Release


See the KnoppMyth Announcement Forum for more KnoppMyth version history.

Release Date Version Name Description
6-Jul-2008 R5.5 "Bone Marrow" Uses a snapshot of Debian Unstable and the 2.6.23-chw-4 kernel - MythTV 0.21-fixes
7-Sept-2007 R5F27
11-May-2007 R5F1 "Farewell days of my youth"
25-Dec-2006 R5E50
26-May-2006 R5C7
17-Mar-2006 R5B7
3-Nov-2003 R4 "CoCo2" Upgraded to MythTV 0.12
1-Sept-2003 R3 "Each of these my three babies" The CD can now be use as a front-end
25-Aug-2003 R2 "Chicago, Chicago" Updated to MythTV 0.11
08-Aug-2003 R1 "You better Belize it!" Based on Knoppix 07-26-2003 and MythTV 0.10

KnoppMyth Version Naming Explained