R8.4 Release Notes

LinHES R8.4 updates MythTV to 0.28-fixes as well as updates to the kernel, system libraries, nvidia drivers and many other parts of LinHES. LinHES R8.4 has moved to OpenPHT, a fork of Plex Home Theater and Kodi has been updated to 16.1. Also, the /myth/recordings directory has been improved to better support Plex media scanning. Simply create a Plex library with Myth in the name (i.e. Myth TV Shows , Myth Movies or Myth Sports) and the directory (/myth/recordings/TV Shows, /myth/recordings/Movies or /myth/recordings/Sports) and the Plex library will be re-scanned when /myth/recordings is updated.


From R8.3

Upgrading from R8.3 can be done as follows:
From xterm or ssh:
mythshutdown --lock
sudo sv stop mythbackend
sudo pacman -Syu
Run mythtv-setup (or Alt+S) and update the Myth database for 0.28

Alternatively you can use the ISO Upgrade method.

From R8.0 or R8.1 or R8.2

Upgrading from R8.0 or R8.1 or R8.2 should be done using the ISO Upgrade method.

ISO Upgrade

Note that if you plan to burn the ISO to optical media you must use DVD as it is too large to fit on CD.

Download the ISO
Copy to USB or burn to DVD
Boot from USB/DVD
Select the boot drive
Select Install/Upgrade
Select Upgrade