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h1. LinHES

LinHES (Linux Home Entertainment System) is a distribution loosely based on "ArchLinux":, that centers around "MythTV": designed for Home Theater PC (HTPC) use. The expressed goal of LinHES is to provide an appliance feel to your HTPC.

Most of the system configuration and operation of LinHES can be accomplished via your remote control. Users can go from a blank system to a fully functional MythTV system in 15-20 minutes. LinHES makes use of [[MythVantage]] for easy configuration and modification. The Service Menu accessible from the MythTV GUI where users can configure most of the system from their couch via the remote control.

Read more about LinHES [[Features|features]] and [[History|history.]]

h2. Documentation

* [[Required Hardware]]
* [[Guides]]
* [[FAQ]]

h2. Download

[[Downloads|Download LinHES]]

h2. Support

For discussion and support of LinHES go to the "LinHES Forums": Forums": or join #linhes on the "freenode": IRC network.