Bug #136

Installer fails to format disk in some cases, dependent on old formatting

Added by jimwhs about 10 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Target version:6.02.00


Installer will fail to format the drive, dependent on its previous formatting. I can get it to fail consistantly if I first install Fedora core 10, and then run the installer.

It looks like cfdisk doesn't have the force flag set. This is what the mythvantage_install log looks like:

US/Pacific 2074324 800x600 Usage: swapoff -a [-v] disable all swaps swapoff [-v] <special> disable given swap swapoff -h display help swapoff -V display version The <special> parameter: {-L label | LABEL=label} LABEL of device to be used {-U uuid | UUID=uuid} UUID of device to be used <device> name of device to be used <file> name of file to be used Checking that no-one is using this disk right now ... BLKRRPART: Device or resource busy This disk is currently in use - repartitioning is probably a bad idea. Umount all file systems, and swapoff all swap partitions on this disk. Use the --no-reread flag to suppress this check. Use the --force flag to overrule all checks. /dev/sda2: Device or resource busy mknod: `sda': File exists mknod: `sda1': File exists mknod: `sda2': File exists / mke2fs 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)

I am installing onto a 40g SATA drive, E8400 Intel processor, ICH10R Northbridge (none of this should matter, from what I can tell)

The installer gets to the 14% complete, then reports done.

I had no problem working around the issue by going into cfdisk (just before the installer was going to reboot), and deleting all the partitions, and then writing the partition table. Restart the install, and it works fine.


Updated by jams about 10 years ago

The volume groups installed by fedora are keeping the disks active. Will implement something to remove the VG's if they are part of the install disk.

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