Bug #71

Spurious network detection error (WAS: Onboard NIC nonfunctional (Dragon v1.1))

Added by Human over 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Priority:Normal Due date:12/31/1969
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Target version:6.02.00


I got a "Could not locate gateway" error trying to activate eth0. Tried "Try again" but it didn't work. IIRC, I had this error with an earlier R6 alpha on the Dragon v1.1.


Updated by jams over 9 years ago

probably related to FS51. Are you normally able to ping the gateway?

Updated by Human over 9 years ago

I can ping the gateway, and I have an IP address. I can even resolve hosts. But the installer still says "Could not locate gateway" so I'm not sure what it's using to determine the success of the network connection.

Just to be clear, I'm using DHCP, too.

Updated by jams over 9 years ago

Odds are this has been fixed already. You could try the steps in FS51 or wait for a new iso.

Updated by Human over 9 years ago

I'll wait for the next ISO. After the post-install reboot, the network was up and working fine, so the problem seems to have been the diagnostic method the installer used to see if the network was up, and not the network connection itself.

Updated by cecil over 9 years ago

I saw this when updating my MBE. I had to manually modprobe forcedeth.

Updated by Human over 9 years ago

Testing with git build from yesterday, which identifies itself as 6.00.05. New error is "Hostname already on the network" with options "Continue without network" and "Try again" As before, the Dragon v1.1 has a network connection, and I can ping it from another machine. The IP address is the correct one, which is assigned by my DHCP server based on the MAC address of the NIC, and I have local name resolution on the router that maps "olddragon" to the IP address I use for it. All of this except for the spurious error message is correct.

Updated by Human about 9 years ago

The issue seems to be some well-meaning but unworking code that helps to avoid users choosing a hostname that conflicts with another hostname on their LAN. If you choose a hostname that your local nameserver doesn't know, the installer proceeds correctly through network setup. However, if you choose a hostname that your local nameserver knows, the "Hostname already on the network" error is thrown whether or not that hostname is the right one to use on the hardware on which you're installing.

Unless there's an obvious solution to the problem of avoiding conflicts with existing hostnames, I recommend not performing this collision test at this time. I do like the idea and think we should revisit it.

Updated by Human almost 9 years ago

FS#368 may be masking this bug for now.

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