Bug #822

mythdb not being updated with new lircd location

Added by christian about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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This was apparently fixed in Issue #745 but a number of people are having problems on upgrade where this db entry is not being updated during upgrade. See also http://forum.linhes.org/search.php?keywords=%2Fvar%2Frun%2Flirc%2Flircd

I also ran into this with a recent upgrade on one of my systems which in 6.03 was using the default lircd paths and it did not change during the upgrade. All of my other frontends has already had the new path because for other reasons I was beyond lirc-0.8.6 on those systems.

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Added by brfransen about 6 years ago

LinHES-system: firstboot.sh: add fix_lirc_socket; closes #822


Updated by brfransen about 6 years ago

This db update is handled when lirc is installed/updated: http://cgit.linhes.org/linhes_pkgbuild/tree/abs/core/lirc/lirc.install So upgrades from 6.0x via pacman or the upgrade script would work and the db would be updated with the correct lirc socket. The issue comes with upgrades from 6.0x to R7.x via the CD. With the CD the user's backup would be restored after lirc was installed so the lirc.install would not be run to update the lirc socket.

Updated by christian about 6 years ago

nice find brfransen!

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